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Developing a Career in the Blockchain Industry

The blockchain industry is one of the highest technical skills in demand, and there’s little supply of those around. Due to the relative newness of the industry, blockchain recruitment agencies have their work cut out sourcing the best talent. Additionally, many people have begun their blockchain career but seem stuck in a position. Add in the vagaries of bull and bear markets on employment opportunities and you have a very dynamic, turbulent and exciting employment market.

You can develop your career in the blockchain industry by expanding and deepening your skills and expertise in your area of specialization. Depending on your specialization, there are skills that you can add to your repertoire to increase your value to the blockchain industry and your company.

This article will give you insight into the necessary skills you need to develop a career in the blockchain industry. Whether you’re a beginner or intermediate technical personnel in the blockchain industry, some skills can help you advance your career.

Career Options in the Blockchain Industry

There are many career options in the blockchain industry, but a few of them are technical. That is, they require that you have a good understanding of programming, coding, and the workings of blockchain technology.

To begin a career in the blockchain industry, you need to know where you fit in. The technical career options in the industry include:

Blockchain Developer

A blockchain developer develops blockchain systems, including their security and design patterns. There are two types of blockchain developers – the core blockchain developer and the blockchain software developer.

The core blockchain developer builds the system while the blockchain software developer builds applications on the system.

Blockchain developers vary in the degree of expertise, depending on their skills. However, you can start a career as a developer with a basic knowledge of blockchain and a certain level of software development expertise. You can develop your blockchain development career from a blockchain software developer to a core blockchain developer by acquiring the necessary skills.

Blockchain Legal Consultant

Law is law, right? Right. But you need to understand the intricacies of a system before you can create laws around them. Blockchain technology has many possibilities and is applicable in many industries of the economy. Therefore, being a blockchain legal consultant has to come with some specialization.

Although you can start your career as a general blockchain legal consultant, you can develop your career by niching down and focusing on certain industries.

Blockchain Project Manager

Blockchain projects pop up in the different industries they’re applied to every day. New blockchain systems and blockchain websites and applications are designed and developed every day, and they are achievable by the efforts of many developers and designers. But, they need someone to oversee the smooth running of the development process, hence, the need for a blockchain project manager.

The blockchain project manager is skilled at ensuring all the processes of the blockchain system development run smoothly. However, they need rudimentary blockchain technology knowledge to start, and can improve on it as their career progresses.

Blockchain Quality Engineer

The blockchain quality engineer is saddled with the responsibility of ensuring all blockchain systems and products meet the quality that they’ve set before the commencement of the project.
They usually have a deep understanding of individual components of blockchain technology, although a grasp of the rudiments of these components is usually enough to start in this position.

Blockchain Security Expert

To secure the blockchain system, a security expert with a good knowledge of blockchain is needed in a team of developers.

While most developers have a good knowledge of security processes, they can develop on that to become security experts in blockchain security technology.

Blockchain Product Manager

Blockchain products range from miners to cryptocurrencies, currency exchange platforms, and many more. A blockchain product manager ensures that these products are working as well as they should.

Blockchain product managers can advance their careers to become blockchain system managers after acquiring the necessary skills.