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A huge part of operating expenses for those in the music streaming business is the paying out of royalties to all copyright holders and ensuring your database is up to date with the most recent information -- especially in regards to copyright ownership

There are 3 ways in which your company can make use of MUSE:


Use MUSE to know the most up-to-date information regarding who needs to be paid for each song streamed on your platform. No need to manage your own database. Alternatively, you may simply crosscheck your database with MUSE to ensure no updates took place without your knowing

Database + Payment

You can pay copyright holders using MUSE’s internal currency – MUSE Dollars – in order to ensure funds reach their destination at the same speed it would take to send an email. All without transaction fees


Get your royalty payments subsidized by MUSE! Streaming platforms that have been voted in by MUSE’s members push their play/spin history out to the MUSE Blockchain. MUSE then takes care of paying out the royalties to all rights holders in MUSE Dollars

If you go all out with option 3, your application can literally just be a front end for the MUSE blockchain, effectively offloading most of your business's costs to MUSE. All while retaining 100% control of your business! No need to update or maintain your database. No need to hold customer funds. No need to use any of your income to pay for royalties. MUSE handles all of it at no cost to your business. Simply push out your spin reports to MUSE and it will take care of everything