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What Skills are Needed to Work in the Blockchain Industry?

The blockchain industry is relatively new and many individuals are looking to be a part of the industry. However, with a lack of essential skills, despite the abundance of career opportunities in the industry, you may find it difficult to land that blockchain dream job.

The most important skills to become one of the workers in the blockchain industry, especially if you’re looking to be in the thick of operations, center around understanding how blockchain technology works. You’ll also need to possess some understanding of Cryptography and other security systems and processes. Some programming and coding experience will also give you an advantage over other applicants.

To get a detailed compilation of skills that are needed to work in the blockchain industry, read this piece.

What jobs can you get in the blockchain industry?

There are many job opportunities in the blockchain industry, and they’re not limited to technical jobs alone. However, the highest paying jobs in the industry require that you have, at least, a basic understanding of blockchain and how it works.

The technical, and well-paying job opportunities in the blockchain industry include:

  • Blockchain developer
  • UI/UX designer
  • Programmer
  • Blockchain quality engineer
  • Blockchain solution architect
  • Blockchain legal consultant
  • Project manager
  • Cryptographer
  • Security processes professionals
  • Systems networking professionals

What determines the skills you need in the blockchain industry?

With the numerous technical jobs available in the blockchain industry, every job description doesn’t contain or require the same skills. In some cases, you require certain skills more than others to qualify for a specific position. A cryptographer needs to possess more cryptography skills than any other skill, such as coding, to fit in that position.

Therefore, there are determinants of the skills that you need to land a job in the blockchain industry, and they include:

The nature of the job

Every job in the same industry requires different skills to different degrees of expertise. The nature of the job you’re applying for in the blockchain industry determines the skills you need to acquire or improve on, for a better chance of landing that job.

If you’re applying for a blockchain developer’s role in a company, you’re required to possess a good understanding of blockchain technology and how to write codes and programs for the technology. The primary skills for this job are blockchain technology and programming.

These skills, especially programming, aren’t primary to someone who is applying for the position of blockchain project manager.

The professional level you’re applying for

The professional level you’re looking to apply for also determines the skills you require.

As a blockchain project manager and supervisor, you require a higher or equal knowledge of blockchain as your subordinates, to successfully execute your role. While project management skills are also important, you need to possess a deep blockchain technology understanding alongside it to fill a role as important as blockchain project management.

The company you’re applying to

Different companies in the blockchain industry, including financial institutions, security companies, and governmental organizations, require different levels of skills for different roles.

A financial institution that manages a Defi will require that their blockchain developer have some financial application knowledge alongside his blockchain programming skills. A security company that uses blockchain, on the other hand, will require that their blockchain developer have some security processes and systems skills alongside his programming skills.

Therefore, the organization you’re applying to may be in the blockchain industry, but the degree of skill, experience, and expertise they require differs.

Necessary Skills for working in Blockchain

These skills are generally important to help you stand a chance at landing any job of your choice in the blockchain industry. Some of them require in-depth knowledge for certain blockchain positions, while others can be supporting skills to improve your hiring chances.

The necessary skills for working in blockchain include:

Blockchain technology

A good understanding of blockchain technology, its application, strengths, and weaknesses, is a general requirement for anyone who wishes to work in the blockchain industry.

This skill is the bedrock of the industry, and a rudimentary knowledge of blockchain means you understand how it works, and you can improve on your level of knowledge with time.


Blockchain works with the aid of public-private keys, and they are an important component of cryptography. Blockchain won’t be as secure as it is without cryptography. Cryptography is responsible for the encryption of data stored in blocks.

A good handle of cryptography and its application to blockchain will help you stand a better chance of landing the blockchain security job.

Programming language and coding

Programming is central to blockchain development, and writing codes are essential to any software development, including blockchain.

A blockchain system depends on the creativity and competence of its developer to stand the test of time, and survive against the incessant cyber attacks it’ll face.

Other than developing a blockchain system, developers with good knowledge and application of programming and coding will easily maintain any blockchain system.

Cybersecurity systems

Blockchain is popular for its security but that doesn’t stop it from regularly coming under attack. A deep understanding of cybersecurity systems and the ability to use the knowledge to protect blockchain systems from impending attacks is valuable in the industry.

Peer-to-peer networking

Computer networking is one of the important components of blockchain technology. Without it, all nodes of the network will remain in one location, and the single point of failure problem will remain.

However, peer-to-peer computer networking skill enables decentralization and transparency. This skill helps to maintain the connectivity of individual nodes of the network and keeps the system working.

Smart contracts

Smart contracts are what blockchain technology uses to execute transactions. A good understanding of these and how to confirm their authenticity improves your chances of getting hired in the blockchain industry.

UI/UX Development

User interface and User experience have become important aspects in web and app development.

In blockchain webs and apps, the UI/UX skill helps developers to create user-friendly websites and apps for their companies. It is a good skill to combine with your programming and coding skills.

Final Thoughts

The blockchain industry requires many technical employees. However, you need to possess the skills that the industry needs to thrive. Some of them include cryptography and security processes, programming, and cybersecurity.

Brush up on these skills if you have them already, or learn them if you don’t, to stand a chance of landing a job in the blockchain industry.